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If you have dry mouth, you have an oral condition that involves the inability to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moisturized. This condition is also known as xerostomia and it involves is a constant problem producing saliva. You do not have dry mouth if your mouth feels dry every once in awhile.

If you have dry mouth, you likely have a sticky, dry feeling in the mouth and throat; trouble chewing, swallowing, and talking; a burning feeling in the mouth; a dry and rough tongue; cracked lips; gum irritation; and bad breath. You need to be very careful if you have dry mouth because it can harm your smile and oral health more than you might realize. This is because it can promote tooth decay and cause mouth sores.

There are many things that could be causing your dry mouth. Those include stress, nervousness, aging, certain medications, cancer treatments (like chemotherapy and radiation), smoking, drug use, and autoimmune disorders. The best way to treat your dry mouth is to visit your dentist, Dr. Alma Vallderuten, and allow her to determine the underlying cause and provide the treatments you need.

To prevent dry mouth, you can drink water frequently throughout the day and during your meals, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks (like coffee, tea, and soda), chew sugar-free gum, and avoid tobacco and alcohol. You can also minimize the consumption of spicy or salty foods, avoid sugary and acidic foods, and use a humidifier at night.

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