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When bacteria in your mouth produce foul odors, it is referred to as halitosis, also called bad breath. Occasionally, it can be related to the food you consumed, but it many cases it may be a sign of an underlying illness or oral health disorder. For more information about halitosis, here are a few tips:

– If you have dentures, clean and disinfect them daily or they can accumulate bacteria that cause bad breath.
– Bad breath can be the result of a bad diet full of unhealthy foods.
– Bad breath can be caused by improper oral health hygiene routines or lack thereof.
– Underlying diseases and illness such as gum disease can lead to bad breath.
– Bad breath can result from disease and irregular conditions through the body, including liver problems, kidney problems, and respiratory tract infections.
– Plaque buildup is often a key contributor of bad breath.
– Bad breath can be caused by medications that create dry mouth symptoms.

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