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If your jaw snaps or teeth clench or rub together as you sleep, you could have bruxism. Many people are unaware of the dangers of bruxism, which is why our dentist, Dr. Alma Vallderuten with Vallderuten Dental Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is here to provide you the scoop on bruxism.

Teeth grinding is a condition known as bruxism, which is an oral health condition that causes your teeth to grind or clench as you sleep. Most people are not mindful they have this condition unless they are told so by another person. Bruxism needs treatment because it can cause you to wear down your tooth enamel exposing the nerves, damage teeth, or produce teeth sensitivity.

Other symptoms of bruxism include stiffness or pain in your jaw, face, or ears. This condition can also produce headaches or difficulty sleep. This condition can also lead to the locked jaw, which is a condition that stops you from opening or closing your jaw entirely, making it hard or impossible to eat or talk. That is why finding help is essential with those who have bruxism.

As you can see, bruxism should be treated to prevent serious injury to your teeth and smile. If you need help with your oral health, or would like to learn more about bruxism, please call us today at 954-491-5748 to set up an appointment.