Protect Your Teeth From Bruxism

If your jaw snaps or teeth clench or rub together as you sleep, you could have bruxism. Many people are unaware of the dangers of bruxism, which is why our dentist, Dr. Alma Vallderuten with Vallderuten Dental Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is here to provide you the scoop on... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Improvements: Oral Emergencies

Have you ever suffered a dental emergency before? If you do find yourself with a chipped or cracked tooth or ever suffer from a tooth completely knocked out, knowing what to do in the precious minutes after an emergency has occurred is essential for giving yourself the best chance of... Read more »

Information About Dental Veneers

  When you're ready to enhance your smile, it is important to consider all oral health care guidelines or treatments you wish to use. If you are simply looking to enhance the look of your smile, a good idea would be to look at a cosmetic dentistry treatment option. Cosmetic... Read more »

Understanding Dental Facts on Dental Sealants

  Is your smile safe from oral health hazards in the form of dental erosion and tooth decay? Do you often find yourself vulnerable to oral health hazards such as cavities? If so, it might be a good idea to have a preventative treatment in place to ensure further damage... Read more »

A Dental Guard Can Help Protect Your Teeth from the Stresses of Bruxism

Bruxism is a technical term associated with chronic night grinding. Some individuals will grind their teeth while sleeping as a result of chronic stress or possible allergic reaction. Unfortunately, the excessive force applied to your teeth when unconsciously clenching and grinding can have a significant effect on the tooth enamel.... Read more »

Fluoride Can Counteract Tooth Enamel Erosion

The presence of tooth sensitivity can make enjoying your favorite holiday foods and beverages a challenge. Beyond discomfort, tooth sensitivity can be a symptom of eroded tooth enamel, possibly as a result of regularly consuming acid from food and drink that gradually weakens your teeth’s mineral density. If not addressed,... Read more »

Consult With Your Dentist Before Using Popular Whitening Products

If you are struggling with stained and yellow teeth, you may be tempted to reach for the commercial whitening products found in retail stores. We encourage you to speak with Dr. Alma Vallderuten before trying popular whitening products, as some can only reduce mild surface staining, while others may be... Read more »

What Is Dry Mouth and How Does It Affect Me?

If you have dry mouth, you have an oral condition that involves the inability to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moisturized. This condition is also known as xerostomia and it involves is a constant problem producing saliva. You do not have dry mouth if your mouth feels dry... Read more »

The Different Types of Mouth Guards

Sporting a mouth guard can be a great deterrent to dental accidents and emergency visits to the dentist’s office, but to be most powerful, dental mouth guards need to be fitted to the task you’ll be sporting them for. All oral mouth guards that you can receive from our office... Read more »

If You Have Questions About Wisdom Teeth, Your Answers Are Here

Our dentist, Dr. Alma Vallderuten, and dental team understand that wisdom teeth are complex and, because of this, many people have many questions. If you’re one of these people, we are happy to help you find the answers you need by giving you the answers to commonly asked questions about... Read more »