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The presence of tooth sensitivity can make enjoying your favorite holiday foods and beverages a challenge. Beyond discomfort, tooth sensitivity can be a symptom of eroded tooth enamel, possibly as a result of regularly consuming acid from food and drink that gradually weakens your teeth’s mineral density. If not addressed, weakened tooth enamel can form microscopic pores that extend into the layer of dentin underneath, increasing the likelihood of cavities.

Fluoride exposure on your teeth aids in remineralizing, or enhancing the tooth enamel with microscopic minerals to fortify it against tooth sensitivity and cavities.

If insufficient fluoride exposure has resulted in you experiencing tooth sensitivity and frequent cavities, our dentist can provide fluoride treatment or daily supplements. Fluoride treatment is typically performed as a quick procedure at the end of your dental checkup. We can also provide fluoride supplements or recommend a quality fluoride toothpaste to further strengthen your teeth outside of the office.

To learn more about your options for treating enamel erosion, call Vallderuten Dental Associates at 954-491-5748 today and talk to our dentist, Dr. Alma Vallderuten, about tooth sensitivity in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We want you to enjoy a smile that is healthy, comfortable, and serves you well for many, many years.